Here we go… After about 6 month I finally found the time and internet connection to do a short update on my Canada experience:

To make it short, the first month wasn’t great. Accommodation was not as promised (it was a nice cabin but had to share it later and it was far outside town which makes shopping for basic stuff impossible without a car) and working hours where whenever my former boss decided. Even on days off i was called to work and this although I only had one day off in a week! Working with him was not fun either, he would never be satisfied no matter what you did.

…. I wrote a longer part, explaining and providing examples for what an egomaniac smart-arse he is but i didn’t want it on my public website so enough of him.

Anyhow I decided that is not the way I want to spend my time here so I quit, knowing that I would’t have a place to sleep. The solution was a rental car:

Living in my car Living in my car

I lived there for almost two weeks, wrote a few applications and was lucky to get the perfect job in the most welcoming environment one can imagine.

Link to our website  » CAFN «.

Not only did I meet friendly and helpful people there I learned a lot about Dän Ke, their territory and traditions and I enjoy coming to work and voluntary doing overtime. I should mention that I moved from Whitehorse to Haines Junction that borders Kluane National Park, covering 22013 square kilometres and being the biggest protected natural preserve in the world.

Kluane Park

Not having accommodation there I decided to upgrade my sleeping quarters.

That’s when I bough this beauty. A 1988 Dodge Ram Camper Coversion:

Front of the Camper

And I have been traveling around and living in it since:

Alasks Highway to Haines

I did several hiking trips, drove to Alaska, went fishing a lot and made camp wherever I wanted to.

Kathleen Lake from Kings Throne Dezadeash Lake

Life is good when camping, as long as squirrels don’t steal your food :P

to be continued……..