I thought its time to give a second update, focusing on Van Life as it is about to end. “Winter is coming”. We already had a night with -11 degrees celsius north of 60 and as much as I like camping out i can ensure you its not fun when it is that cold. So how did Van Life work for me:

1st drive around for some time to find a nice spot: Kusawa Lake overview

2nd settle in and make yourself comfortable, a fire helps to raise the spirit. And as some of my Irish friends may detect, you can find a good bottle of Connemara in the liquor store in Whitehorse… that helps as well. Spending a day camping

3rd spend the night, listening to music, reading a book or if there is some battery left on the notebook watch a movie. Spending a night camping

The Yukon is vast, most of it is uninhabited and belongs to the crown or the government(s) for that matter, so I never had any issues just stopping and spending the night.

I am lucky though, I am not just driving around aimlessly as most of the Van Life people do, I have a regular job that I like a lot. I can get power to charge up my notebook, can get a hot shower there, have an internet connection and really helpful coworkers. I get to travel to Whitehorse almost every week (its a two hour drive one way) through a dreamlike landscape)

Takhini River Valley

and when I get back, the Kluane Mountain range is always there to guide one towards Haines Junction:

Haines Junction

The weekends are mostly filled with short trips to nice spots like Kluane Lake that is almost the size of Vienna (with 408 km2).

KluaneLake KluaneLake

I am waiting for the winter now and will reduce the amount of trips but I will keep you updated on what is going on.