As you might have guessed, at this stage it’s just to cold to stay in my trusty camper and CAFN have been so kind to provide me with a nice apartment.

Haines Junction Appartment

Other than that not much has happened. I still enjoy work. It’s a different level of satisfaction to work for a small indian band in comparison to a billion dollar company. It’s the contact with real people and face to face conversation, not just with an anonymous person over the phone. It’s the change you can see on a daily basis, it’s the problems, not the issues that are fixed.

The coming days I will be working with colleagues and external companies to modernize the CAFN server infrastructure. A huge project I am excited about.

I used the short Christmas break to drive out to Whitehorse and later to Pine Lake to wander around on the frozen lake. Unfortunately the days are short and the sun is not showing much so I didn’t take many pictures, but here is one: Frozen Pine Lake

I will be back once the days are longer again and I am in the mood to update the blog and capture some more Yukon lifestyle…

A few days after uploading this article it finally happend:

Minus 39

I had never experienced such cold weather and I have heard that if you throw boiling water into the air it would partly evaporate and turn to ice almost immediately. That made me wonder and I just had to try it. I won’t say more… see video below :)